My Story

My story for getting in to fantasy baseball starts from the time I touched a baseball. I grew up playing as much as I could. As I got older I played baseball video games and I didn’t have time for actually playing the games, I was too busy building a roster in franchise mode. To this day, I enjoy building a baseball roster and fantasy baseball is the ultimate outlet for that love. I watch as much baseball as I possibly can during the season and I consume any and all content on the sport that I find. I’m in between 5-10 serious fantasy leagues per year and spend a ton of time on it.

I got in to sports betting in a similar way to most people. I worked at a bar through college and one December night in 2012; I was introduced to this crazy world. An older coworker always had money on games and he suggested I put the tip money I had just made on Florida -4.5 first half in a college basketball tilt with FSU. I’ll never forget the feeling I had when they went in to the half up by 20 points. I was searching for the next game to place a wager on before the buzzer sounded. Needless to say, I was picking up some extra shifts the next week after going about 6-20 following that first win. By senior year my roommates and I even had a white board in our house to write down our “locks.”

After graduation I took a job in commodities trading and soon realized my worlds were colliding. I would hear about funds moving the prices of commodities all day then put on a podcast and hear about sharps or wise guys moving lines of football games in the same manner. I learned about the fundamental and technical sides of trading and came to the conclusion that betting on football was very similar. Schemes, weather, and situational spots are the fundamentals while line movement and bet percentages represent the technical aspect. I’ve tried to soak up as much information as possible over the past few years in order to become the best college football bettor I can be.

I make my own power ratings in the offseason and use those as the backbone for my plays. I use Bill Connelly (@SBN_BillC)’s S&P+ system, Collin Wilson (@_Collin1)’s writing on The Action Network, and many different podcasts like Adam Burke (@SkatingTripods)’s “Bang the Book Radio” to crowd source some opinions on games. I use explosiveness metrics and tempo to handicap spreads and totals. I put in a large number of my bets early in the week and the lines tend to converge with my power rating so I end up with a good amount of closing line value.

Above all else, I want people to make money with me. Not only do I enjoy writing about these two sports, it helps me prepare for the season and for each game. Remeber, this is supposed to be fun! Sports are the greatest thing in the world and while I take my bets seriously, I’m here to have fun. Thanks for stopping by my site and let’s make some money.

Kyle Miller

Twitter @kmill5