Rise and Grind Daily Fantasy: 4/4/19


Each weekday morning I’ll be previewing the DFS slate for the day. I’ll give my picks to click each day so you can cash. When playing DFS there are many things to consider before lineups lock. You’ll want to make sure each player is actually in the lineup that day so it’s important to check a couple hours before game time. I’ll try and get the Rise and Grind post updated each day as lineups come out. The other thing to seriously consider is the weather. It’s imperative to follow Kevin Roth (@KevinRothWx) on Twitter or at Roto Grinders.  He gives great updates on the weather each and every day. Again, this blog will be updated throughout the day as lineups and weather forecasts come out. For simplicity, I’ll be using DraftKings prices when I reference a player’s cost.

 Early Slate: 4 Games


My DFS strategy involves picking at least one of the top 5 pitchers for each slate. Pitchers score more points and are more consistent on a day-to-day basis than hitters. Even the best hitters can go hitless on a given day. It’s also important to check the Vegas lines to see which team is favored to win. Wins and innings pitched are the most important parts of DFS.

Premium options:

  • James Paxton $10,900

  • Stephen Strasburg $10,300

  • Noah Syndergaard $10,100

Medium CosT options:

  • Jake Junis $8,000

  • Eduardo Rodriguez $7,600

Bargain Bin options:

  • Brett Anderson $6,300

  • Spencer Turnbull $5,800

  • Alex Cobb $4,800

Stephen Strasburg is actually very reasonably priced today. You’ll have to pay full freight for Paxton and Syndergaard though. The same goes for E-Rod and Junis. Spencer Turnbull and Alex Cobb have sneaky value but I wouldn’t use Cobb. I’m absolutely pairing Turnbull with Strasburg in the early slate. Don’t play Brett Anderson.


Lineup placement. That’s the Holy Grail for me when it comes to hitters in DFS. You want hitters that are batting in the top half of the order so they get more chances to score points. The score projections used come from SabreSim’s free tool that can be found on Fangraphs.

 Highest Scorers:

  • Aaron Judge, OF $5,500

  • Luke Voit, 1B $4,700

  • J.D Martinez, OF $5,200

  • Mookie Betts, OF $5,400

  • Matt Chapman, 3B $4,300

5 VAlue plays:

  • Miguel Cabrera, 1B $4,100

  • Gary Sanchez, C $4,900

  • Josh Harrison, 2B $3,700

  • Stephen Piscotty, OF $3,800

  • Marcus Semien, SS $3,600


Cold and windy in Detroit which is good for pitching. Slight chance of rain in Oakland but it should be good to go.

Lineup Updates

Taking Turnbull as my second pitcher today has allowed me to use some more expensive hitters. Catcher is especially horrific in the early slate so I’m paying up for Gary Sanchez today against Alex Cobb. I’m using Miguel Cabrera again tat Jake Junis but there isn’t a whole lot of value at 1B today. Josh Harrison is in his customary leadoff spot and he’s a nice value. Matt Chapman against a lefty for $4,300? Yes please. Marcus Semien is my pick at SS today against the lefty. I’m playing Trey Manicini today in the three hole against a lefty. I’m also paying up for Mookie and Piscotty in the OF today. Chad Pinder is always a good play against lefties if you want to go cheap.

Main Slate: 4 Games


Premium options:

  • Trevor Bauer $11,300

Medium CosT options:

  • Yu Darvish $8,300

  • Tyler Mahle $7,900

  • Matt Harvey $7,600

  • Max Fried $7,300

  • Aaron Sanchez $7,000

Bargain Bin options:

  • Jordan Lyles $6,900

  • Edinson Volquez $6,400

Everyone and their mother will be playing Trevor Bauer tonight but you basically have to. Speaking of you, I’m staying far away from Yu Darvish until I see him throw harder. Tyler Mahle and Aaron Sanchez are way overpriced. Matt Harvey is very blah but that’s not the worst thing in the world. Jordan Lyles has some sneaky value but don’t play Edinson Volquez.


 Highest Scorers:

  • Mike Trout, OF $5,800

  • Starling Marte., OF $4,900

  • Joey Votto, 1B $4,700

  • Jose Ramirez, 3B $5,300

  • Freddie Freeman, 1B $4,600

5 VAlue plays:

  • Mike Trout, OF $5,800

  • Kole Calhoun, OF $3,900

  • Kris Bryant, 3B $4,500

  • Justin Bour, 1B $4,100

  • Rougned Odor, 2B $4,100


Rain will be moving in towards the Cubs/Braves game but they should be able to get it in.

Lineup Updates

I’m planning on stacking Angels tonight against Volquez. I’m paying up for Trout but also like Calhoun, Bour, and Cozart. Ben Zobrist is sitting tonight which opens a spot for David Bote. I’ll play Bote against the lefty tonight. I’m playing Brian McCann batting 7th tonight against Yu Darvish. Francisco Cervelli is batting 3rd again which makes him valuable. I’m gonna use Albert Pujols and and I regret it already. As usual, Adam Frazier is leading off for the Pirates against Tyler Mahle. Love Andrelton Simmons tonight at SS. Don’t pay up for Ozzie Albies against a righty. Javy Baez is gonna go yard tonight but he’s expensive. Albert Almora leading off against a lefty is only $3,600! Ender Inciarte is also leading off as well and is only $200 more expensive. Kris Bryant is only $4,500 against a lefty as well.

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