Preseason AP Poll Discrepancies


The AP Poll is generally a useless exercise that gets buzz in the media each August. It can be beneficial for bettors to know the rankings each week though. Ranked teams typically get more bets from public bettors. Teams can be a good fade if they are overrated in the polls and vice versa.



AP: 17, My Power Rating: 46

UCF is perpetually an overrated team in the public. No, they aren’t national champions. No, they’re undefeated records aren’t realistically comparable to power five teams. They’re going to be a great team to fade in 2019.


AP: 10, My Power Rating: 37

Texas is back, huh? Nope, they aren’t back at all in 2019. They beat an incredibly disinterested Georgia team in the Sugar Bowl and now everyone things they are at that level. This team has a quarterback, a good coach, and a good safety. That’s about it. The Texas love is out of control.


AP: 22, My Power Rating: 36

Look, I like Syracuse in 2019. I just don’t think they’re a 10-win team again. I like quarterback Tommy DeVito but he still needs to adapt to being the full time starter. The defense should be good and they have the best special teams in the country. I’m not looking to actively fade these guys.


Mississippi State

AP: NR, My Power Rating: 11

I understand Mississippi State’s defenses losses and I understand that they lost their long time starting QB. I just think that Tommy Stevens is better than Nick Fitzgerald and the offense will take a step forward in year two under Joe Morehead. 11 may be a bit of an aggressive ranking though.


AP: NR, My Power Rating: 14

Missouri isn’t allowed to be ranked in the AP Poll due to their NCAA sanctions. Just don’t forget about them this season!

Oklahoma State

AP: NR, My Power Rating: 22

I love the Pokes in 2019. I love Mike Gundy. I love Tylan Wallace. I love the potential of quarterback Spencer Sanders. If Sanders wins this job, I believe he and Oklahoma State are dark horse contenders for the Heisman and College Football Playoff.

Florida State

AP: NR, My Power Rating: 23

I have two words for you: Kendal Briles. Gobble up all the Seminole stock while you still can.

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